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Be afraid, be very afraid

If you blog, you’ve probably heard about the new FTC ruling. Slate’s got a new piece up about it now. Allowing these guidelines to take effect would be like giving the government a no-knock warrant to investigate hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Before you leave for Europe

You’ll need directions, right? Well guess what, Google’s here to help! 1. Go to Google Maps. 2. Click on “get directions” (under the Search Maps box) 3. Type “New York” in the first box (the “from” box) 4. Type “London” … Continue reading

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Wired’s take on YouTube

Article is by Bob Garfield. This gets one piece of it: It’s said that if you put a million monkeys at a million typewriters, eventually you will get the works of William Shakespeare. When you put together a million humans, … Continue reading

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Infrastructure! Yeah, baby!

I started Christmas shopping last week. Within a day the UPS truck was finding my door. Then, this afternoon the floodgates opened: a pile of boxes on my doorstep. What could be more fun? I also noticed that instead of … Continue reading

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On the first day of Christmas . . .

An office discount supplier sent to me . . . Twelve pencil sharpeners sharpening???? I ordered one. Paid for one. Some warehouse picker sent a case instead. So now I have these eleven extra electric pencil sharpeners. I emailed the … Continue reading

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Okay, I’ll link!!!

The lazy on-vacation answer to blogging: link to this Booksquare post on Border’s online book club. And why it’s not really a book club, it’s a television show. Apparently a Food Network sort of television show. [tags] books, publishing [/tags]

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Can the music

Booksquare has website advice for writers. Rats, and I’ve been working so hard on my one-finger midi version of Freebird . . . [tags] book promotion, website [/tags]

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It’s the mindset that dooms them

Blogs that cover the cultural and economic effects of the Internet on newspaper publishing are all linking a couple of articles in The Economist about the latter’s dire straits: For most newspaper companies in the developed world, 2005 was miserable. … Continue reading

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Newspaper registration has to go

The lede from this piece (which I think was taken from an AP story run on, although it’s not clear) sums it up perfectly: Imagine if a trip to the corner newsstand required handing over your name, address, age, … Continue reading

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More long tail tales

While some journalists are busy lamenting the horrors of the Internet economy’s “long tail” effect on the arts, Lee Gomes, technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, asked today if Anderson’s data really adds up. The article is online here … Continue reading

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