What I did last weekend

I’m planning a trip in February, and since I’m having a housesitter stay at my place to watch my critters while I’m gone, I decided it was time to fix up the guest bedroom.

Here’s what it looked like on Friday. I’d already pulled down the most recent layer of wallpaper — you can see one piece yet, above the window on the right. The stripes.

room before

Here”s the room now.

room after

The photo doesn’t do the ceiling justice. The color I chose for it is Benjamin Moore Seahorse 2028-70, a very pale green with a hint of yellow. For some reason the photo makes it look muddy; in person it’s very fresh & light. (The swatch on the website doesn’t look anything like the color either, at least on my monitor.)

The walls are Ocean Air 2123-50, the window trim and baseboards are done with Ice Mist 2123-70, and the molding at the ceiling is Sea Star 2123-30. They’re all in the same family — swatches here.

I picked the ceiling color because I wanted something warm to offset the cooler colors I chose for the walls and trim. Now that it’s up, I love the effect — I’m crazy about it, as a matter of fact. Particularly against that dark trim — I’m crazy about it.

Next: the floors, which I’m outsourcing ;-)

Then accessories. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I suddenly pictured drapes in a broad, vertical black and white stripe. Hmmmm . . . may be going to much toward Deco tho, we’ll see . . .

For beds, I have a twin set of antique art nouveau frames with carved swan heads. I’m a little nervous on them — need to pull them into the color scheme somehow — they’re finished in a cream — and unfortunately when I reupholstered the headboards years ago I picked a dark pink fabric — didn’t like it much at the time, really don’t like it now. It has to go.

Once I have that, the bedding, the drapes, and a rug sorted out, though, I’ll post another pic.

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3 Responses to What I did last weekend

  1. Really nice! And those drapes sound spiffy… as long as they go with the rug. When you get through, you want to take a short trip down to Texas and work on one of OUR spare rooms? We can play some golf, too!


  2. Kirsten says:

    We’ll see on the drapes! They might be a bit too far out ;-)

    Be careful what you ask for on the invite to Texas though, John — we’re due to get some snow here — our first significant snow of the year — you never know, I might decide to head out before it hits!

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