Vocabularious contrarionous

So I finished reading Bright Young People: The Lost Generation of London’s Jazz Age by D.J. Taylor (part of an Evelyn Waugh thing I’ve taken on — g*d I’m such a lit nerd! lol). Some similarities between that generation & the trailing edge boomers — those of us who were too young to serve in Viet Nam (like the English kids who were too young to serve in WWI) but hit our late teens/early 20s in the direct shadow of those who did.

Found I needed a dictionary beside me while I was reading, too — a kick in & of itself — not often I encounter a writer whose vocabulary is such a mismatch to mine.

Tatterdamalion — congeries — badinage — louche — farouche.

There were others but I misplaced the third index card I used to record them.

I plan to drop them in future posts though. I hear a vast vocabulary boosts SEO. ha ha ha ha ha

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2 Responses to Vocabularious contrarionous

  1. John says:

    Hi, K. Long time no visit! I thought about you this week as we’re planning our usual Easter weekend three-day golf trip out of town, and wondered how your game was doing up there in the land of snow. What do I find? You took a golf trip to FLORIDA!! WTG!

    I had to ask, tho, about the Evelyn Waugh vocabulary syndrome you refer to as SEO. What the heck is SEO?


  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi, John, thanks so much for stopping by!

    SEO = search engine optimization. My lame attempt at a joke :-)

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