THIS is what I’m talkin’ about

eagleRandy Barnett, Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown, had an op ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that makes my my little libertarian heart sing.

He calls for states to take action against the Federal government’s out-of-control encroachment on our Constitutional liberties.

Best of all, he suggests actual concrete action: a Constitutional convention to repeal the 16th Amendment. That’s the one that established the income tax, btw.

“This single change,” Barnett writes, “would strike at the heart of unlimited federal power and end the costly and intrusive tax code.”

Congress could then replace the income tax with a “uniform” national sales or “excise” tax (as stated in Article I, section 8) that would be paid by everyone residing in the country as they consumed, and would automatically render savings and capital appreciation free of tax.

I am so in favor of this. Count me in.

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  1. Kirsten,

    Oooo! Oooo! Where do I sign?!? I just knew there was something I liked about you (well, beyond your writing and enjoyment of golf, of course!) I too sport a “little libertarian heart,” and would actively support a movement like the one you describe. Probably even with my checkbook.


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