The French Emerald

At long last! Tabitha Whittney’s Tinder search has paid off.

The French Emerald, by Kirsten Mortensen

It’s a mystery! It’s a romance! It’s a … serial novel? =O

She’s found him. Her Prince Charming. Her Soulmate. Her One True Love.

But on her way to meet the guy in person, her well-laid plans take an unplanned twist.

Because first of all, like, wait–WHAT?

Someone’s trying to kill her mother????

Who would want to kill Tabitha’s mother!?!?!?!

And second of all, wait–WHAT?

There’s a stranger in the back seat of her car? Who claims to be her One True Love?

He’s NOT her One True Love! He’s an Imposter! Some kind of stalky hacker Imposter!!!!

And then things get really interesting :)

Because Tabitha learns that her family tree hides a 200 year-old mystery–and a priceless jewel that disappeared during the French Revolution …

IT’S A NEW NOVEL. Yeah, baby!

But there’s a catch.

I’m not bringing this out as a regular, published book. At least not until 2019.

It’s a serial novel. Yeah. Like the ones Charles Dickens used to write :)

The first chapter will be out on Sunday, March 4.

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