THANK YOU! Libby hits #11 in Free Kindle Store!

w00t! We’re number 11!!!

I am so grateful to ALL of you who downloaded my novel over the past few days.

Thanks to you, “When Libby Met the Fairies” is now up to #11 in Amazon’s Free Kindle Ebooks store!

This is the kind of thing writers live for — to be read; to find readers who are interested in what you’re doing and want to read what you’ve written.

THANK YOU everyone!!!

You made my day!

(P.S. there is still time if you don’t have a copy — Click here to grab it! Still free through Tuesday July 17!)

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3 Responses to THANK YOU! Libby hits #11 in Free Kindle Store!

  1. Utenzi says:

    I think it’s we that are grateful to you, Kirsten, for allowing us to sample your work before coughing up cold cash. You’re quite generous and I thank you.

  2. Debra Kelly says:

    I enjoyed your book. I’m attracted to anything with fairies or mythological
    characters but this was not what I expected. It was refreshing to see how fairies could be pulled into a contemporary setting.

  3. Kirsten says:

    @Utenzi — thank you, I hope you like it!

    @Debra, thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve realized, belatedly, that there’s a downside to running a giveaway as I have — many people who have downloaded the book expect a genre romance, and it doesn’t really fit that category. I’m getting 1 star reviews on Amazon from readers who are angry that Libby is who she is, that the fairies weren’t . . . more like human beings involved in her life, I guess.

    I wrote a book about a true person — not “true” in the sense that I’ve met Libby or that I am Libby, but “true” in the sense that I believe what happened to her really could happen to someone. Also, people *do* handle life and relationships the way Libby does.

    Anyway, I’m awfully glad that there are readers who “get” the book and appreciate it, instead of measuring against the wrong yardstick and complaining that it doesn’t measure up . . . I may blog about this at more length, too, although I’m somewhat nervous about answering the negative reviews — it’s not an argument I can win, I’m afraid! :-)

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