T’d up

cat on shutter

[tags] Friday catblogging [/tags]

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4 Responses to T’d up

  1. Cats are fascinating creatures. Was yours chased up there, or simply decide to explore at a higher level?


  2. Kirsten says:

    Exploring at a higher level! Transcendent!!!

  3. doc-t says:

    So, at that point i would be expecting the cat to be thinking… “so WHY did i want to come up here?”


    “Wow. It doesn’t look anywhere NEAR as interesting from here as it did from down there.”

    gut not YOUR cat. NO… he’s got this look about him.

    “Yeah! It’s just RIGHT over there in near the corner. I’ll just spring over there with my cat like stealth and walk on the wall!”

    He’s got gumption!

  4. Karen says:

    LOL! Cats are real characters!

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