Susan Boyle

This one needs no adornment.

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4 Responses to Susan Boyle

  1. Robin Reese says:

    Last year, I discovered Eva Cassidy. An incredible voice, but she’s been gone for over 10 years. The world awaits what Susan Boyle can do. Unlike Cassidy, who performed in near-obscurity, all eyes & ears will be on Susan Boyle. I hope she does at least one fantastic album. But will Phil Spector be granted a special pardon to produce it? We all sit by our YouTube’s, clicking & waiting for some answer, some sign…

  2. Kirsten says:

    Susan’s definitely a voice for our time . . . Phil, on the other hand, has dustbin written all over him. In fact, he LOOKS rather like a dustbin . . .

  3. Paul says:

    I have to admitt as ex-musician and when I heard that voice I had a tears in my eyes.Something in Susan’s is with a little melancholic feeling,but expression and her voice wihh a perfect crystal sound;She is one of the few Singer tha she got my feelings.Once a young girl,was on the talent show,like orfan withou parents,but she was to young to win it,she was only 15 but her voice was also unbeievable.Susan good luck and I am one ot he milion fan club?:-)

  4. Here in England we are all praying that Susan makes a speedy recovery so that she can do the only thing she ever wanted to do – sing!

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