so how’s this cover?

Thanks to the tremendous feedback I got a week or so ago, I decided to hire a professional to redo my Can Job book cover: Derek Murphy of Creative Indie Covers.

We’re still tweaking, so it’s a work in progress . . . but obviously Derek is much more sophisticated as a designer.

I like that Derek’s staying with the cans as the primary visual since it’s similar to my old cover (the one I designed myself — see it here if you want to compare).

We also came up with a way to incorporate a tagline onto the cover.

So. What do you think? Like it?

Most important question of all: would you be tempted to buy the book?


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5 Responses to so how’s this cover?

  1. Landon Cocks says:

    I like it. I think you should still use the “con” with the “o” crossed out and the “a” inserted. Instead of scratching out the entire word “can.” Looks cooler.

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi, Landon, Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately Derek has had trouble making that work . . . we’ve gone back & forth on it a few times. Boils down to making room and the risk that it won’t “read” right. E.g. one he tried looked like the title was A Con Job . . .

  2. I think the “perfect” line through the CON clashes with the “scribbled” Can. Also, I think the second blank shiny can draws away from the rest of the image, like maybe it can be toned down or something … not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept, I think it might needs some tweaks though. I’m no designer, so I’m just shooting my mouth off from a arm chair perspective. :)

    Also, happy turkey day.

  3. John Wiswell says:

    I agree with Bosley that the absolutely level, MSPaint-like line through “con” looks strange. Also using such a generic, monochrome font for the title clashes with the realism and textures of the cans. I’d be tempted to try versions of “con” where a red ‘a’ is written over the ‘o’ just to see how it looks, since neither the old nor the new versions of the addition pop in a positive way.

    It pains me to give negative feedback like this. I only say it because you want honest feedback. The worst disservice is the description on the can, which describes the book by listing three stereotypes. I’m mostly interested in great or fresh fiction, and neither of those lend themselves to things sold by trope descriptions. Their descriptions also don’t really connect with can/con; if you want to add flavor text, it might click better if you evoke what the novelty of the plot is.

    • Kirsten says:

      @John & Bosley, thanks so much for your comments! And apologies that I didn’t pick them up until today, have been running all over the U.S.

      Don’t mind the negative feedback at all :-)

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