Santa Hunk: get ready for my holiday novella!

Santa Hunk paranormal romance by Kirsten Mortensen

Immortal. Gorgeous. And in love.

So if you’re one of my Facebook friends (and if you’re not — why not???) you know that I’ve been working on a paranormal romance novella … with a holiday theme :)

I’m sharing it now with my beta readers. But — assuming they like it — it will be available for Kindle around Thanksgiving.

Teaser copy below. What do you think???

I’m so excited! :)

First of all: forget everything you ever heard about him being a fat old guy who’s never seen a razor.

I mean, think about it. Santa’s an immortal. He’s immortal. A god, basically. And I’m telling you, he looks like a god.
The guy is gorgeous.

That stuff about the goofy red suit and the big jiggly belly? Most of it comes from a poem a guy wrote for his kids. “’Twas the night before Christmas.” You know the poem I mean. And it’s a nice poem. It’s a timeless classic.

But the guy who wrote that poem? He’d never seen Santa.

He made it all up.

Me? I have seen Santa.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I saw him—but I’m not the one who found him.

Clare found him.

She found him—then she nearly lost him again . . .

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