Rain, at last

May was the driest month on record, ever, here in Rochester New York.

Only a quarter of an inch.

The average for May is nearly three.

Lawns were looking burnt and yellow. It was like we went from April to August. And a river birch I’ve got in my yard started dropping leaves, something it’s never done in spring before. I figure it was probably stressed from being so dry.

Then finally yesterday we got a brief thunderstorm, followed by light rain on & off overnight. My guage showed 0.85 inches this morning. We could use a bit more, I’m thinking, but at least it’s something.

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One Response to Rain, at last

  1. K.,

    I’ll ship you some of our excess rainwater from Texas. As I type this I’m sitting in the middle of a severe weather watch area withg heavy thunderstorms all around.

    Feast or famine, as they say.


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