RACGate Update

I’ve been diligently pursuing RAC and LA Fitness to try to get some resolution to my request for a refund, as I laid out in my previous post here.

Here’s what’s happened since I first posted:

1. I talked to a couple more people, bringing the total to around 8 different individuals to date (some with RAC, some with LA Fitness). I.e., I’m still being bounced around, which is frustrating and unpleasant. That said, I’ve found the people in Rochester to be professional and sympathetic. I REALLY appreciate that.

2. As of 1 pm today, however, nobody has done the right thing, yet — I still haven’t received an assurance that my money will be refunded.

3. In the flashiest news to date, I was interviewed this afternoon by Vanessa Herring, a reporter with WROC Channel 8. Big thanks to Vanessa and WROC for supporting us in this! And Vanessa was terrific, very personable and professional. The interview will air tonight at 4, 5, and 6 pm.

4. I’ve heard that there are individuals who are getting refunds for unused personal training from LA Fitness. I REALLY hope that means I’ll be getting my money back as well. However —

5. Once again, that points to how muddled and inconsistent this is. If some people are getting their money back, why aren’t others?

6. I’ve heard from several other people who are in a similar situation to mine. Please keep reaching out — as much as possible, let’s coordinate our efforts to make sure that we are ALL treated honorably!

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2 Responses to RACGate Update

  1. Dave Drury says:

    Hi Kirsten –
    Did you ever have any luck with getting a refund? I was in a similar situation, being told something different by everyone with whom I spoke, both here and the Fitness International Corporate Office.

    I finally gave up and initiated a complaint with the State Attorney General, and within about five weeks received a check from Fitness International for the balance.

    Unfortunate that it has to be this way, but it appears they will respond differently to a legal entity than an individual. Good luck, and if you haven’t gotten your money back, don’t give up!!


    • Kirsten says:

      Hi, Dave,

      thanks for letting me know what worked for you — I was planning to take them to small claims court but will try the attny general office first. Thank you!

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