Chick lit, Women’s lit, and Fiction’s Dark Arts


“It is no longer a passion hidden in my veins: it is the goddess Venus herself fastened on her prey.” — Racine

One of the odd pleasures about writing fiction is that you don’t always know what you’re doing until after you’ve done it.

There are parts of the mind (the parts that Jungian psychologist Robert Johnson refers to as the Shadow) that meddle with your fiction behind your back.

You have little or no awareness of the meddling as you write.

You’re too focused on all those conscious tasks that require your attention. The characters, the plot, your deadlines, your typos . . .

But then you re-read what you’ve done and there it is, like the smudgey remnants of an alien footprint — an alien footprint that also seems disturbingly familiar. Continue reading

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Loose Dogs Launch Party: Saturday, March 23!!!

Here are a few of the gifts I'll be giving away to celebrate the launch of Loose Dogs!

Here are a few of the gifts I’ll be giving away to celebrate the launch of Loose Dogs!

Save the date!!!

There will be PRESENTS!!!

Amazon gift cards!!!

Free copies of the book!!!

And much, much more:

  • Dog toys from Cuddlee Critters
  • Charming tea towel with an embroidered Dachshund
  • Whimsical doggy wall hook from Ikea
  • Copies copy of my nonfiction book, 101 Dog Training Tips
  • Happy dog carved figurine
  • Handmade note card

    My way of saying "THANK YOU" to my readers!

    $10 Amazon gift cards!

Vintage costume "Scottie dog" ring :-)

Vintage costume “Scottie dog” ring :-)

Another of the gifts I’ll be giving away is an adorable vintage ring. Which has a bit of a connection to the novel . . . but I’ll explain that later (hee hee) . . .

Want to join the fun?

There are two ways.

  1. You can mark your calendar and stop back on the site on March 23, 2013 between 7 and 8 pm eastern time, or
  2. You can subscribe to my e-newsletter list (form below). I’ll email a party reminder that day. And by subscribing to the list, you’ll automatically be entered in drawings for party presents.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks.

And see you on March 23!

UPDATE: Click to download a copy of the first chapter!

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My dog reviews Loose Dogs :-D

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The Eight Stages of Short Story Writing

egg1. Excitement. Something has popped into your head–an idea, a hook, a scene. You’re positive that a terrific story will unfold around it. You sit down and commit your idea to the page. Yep. This just might work . . .

2. Fear. You realize that everything else about the story except your original idea is — oh no! — utterly invisible. What you have written so far isn’t nearly enough — but it’s impossible to know what else might be there or how you’ll ever find it. You fight an overwhelming tendency to avoid the story altogether. You almost wish you’d never started it in the first place. Failure seems like such a sweet option . . . Continue reading

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Come join my DH Lawrence group on Goodreads

461px-D_H_Lawrence_passport_photographEvery once in a while I get interested enough in a writer that I decide to read “everything” he or she has written.

(No literally everything, perhaps, but a lot!)

This started in college, when I discovered that the college library often had volumes of letters or collected essays written by novelists that I was studying. I remember reading a collection of letters by Dostoyevski over one Christmas break, and a collection of essays by Virginia Woolf. It gave me a sense of connectedness with the novelists — with the human beings behind the novels. Continue reading

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Damn you Microsoft! FIX FILE MANAGER

I’ve had it.

I “upgraded” to Windows 7 a year or so ago, and the file manager utility that is bundled with the OS is a MESS.

And by “mess” I mean it FAILS to perform the most FUNDAMENTAL function of all: KEEP TRACK OF MY FILES.

Yes, I’m shouting. Continue reading

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Woof! You’re invited! Woof! Woof!

free gift for a newsletter subscriber

happy happy happy happy!

When Loose Dogs is done, I’m going to throw a virtual party — and I’ve been shopping for presents to give to my readers.

Here’s one of them: a carved figurine of a laughing dog.

Isn’t it cool?

I bought it at One World Goods, a shop in Pittsford, New York that specializes in Fair Trade items.

The statue is from Kenya. It’s carved of stone and it’s about four inches tall.

Want an Invite to the Party? It’s Easy.

Sign up for my newsletter!

Newsletter subscribers will receive party details — and are automatically entered in the drawings for my Loose Dogs launch giveaways :-)



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Great Libby Review — I’m very chuffed!

It’s been said too many times by too many other writers to be anything but a cliché — but wow — there’s nothing in the world that feels quite like it, when someone reads your book and likes it and says so!

Thanks, Paleo Retiree!


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Duck. It’s lit fic :-)

danger danger, it’s like, literary, man

You were warned.

I’ve published a new short story, and this one is, how shall we say . . . not commercial fiction :-)

Here’s the description:

This atmospheric short examines a young woman’s coming of age in Upstate New York in the late 1970s.

The ‘Vette is available as an e-story from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from Smashwords, where you can download it in a number of different versions.

Cost is 99 cents, OR do the right thing and sign up for my newsletter before February 3, and I’ll email you a coupon code so you can download a copy from Smashwords for free :-)

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Rev it up

Loose Dogs by Kirsten MortensenSome of you know that I have had, for some time, another novel in the works.

The title is Loose Dogs. The protag is an animal control officer. And I finished writing it in 2004.

Except that I didn’t.

2004 was an eternity ago in publishing history. The launch of the Kindle was still three years away. There was no such thing as an “indie writer.” Self-publishing was a euphemism for vanity publishing, and vanity publishing was the crazy aunt in the attic. She’s there, everybody knows she’s there, you feel sorry for her, you sure as hell don’t want to be her. Continue reading

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