Our Friday

Tate Britain exterior More London photos, hooray!

On Friday, we started out at the Tate Britain, which runs a ferry up the Thames between it and the Tate Modern. So after browsing art for awhile we ferried up the river. Didn’t go into the Tate Modern but we did make a stop at the reconstructed Globe Theater. Here’s a pic of it from the boat.

Globe Theater exterior

Globe Theater seats We took the Globe tour, which was fantastic. I’d just finished reading Ackroyd’s biography of Shakespeare, so it was thrilling to see in three dimensions what his theater was like. Here’s a couple of pictures of the exterior. This is where the seats are — wooden benches.

Here’s the stage —\/

Globe Theater stage

My only regret is that they don’t stage productions there in February (the season runs April to October). On the other hand, now I have an excuse to go back ;-)

Knightsbridge at sunsetFrom there we ended up in Knightsbridge. We found a pub for a Guinness, and when we came out the sunset had turned the sky pink. It was gorgeous.

I had one more literary thrill before the day was over, as it turns out. London puts plaques on buildings where famous people have lived, and we happened to notice this one that evening. P.G. Wodehouse, hooray!

P.G. Wodehouse plaque

Here’s the house :-)

P.G. Wodehouse house

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