On the first day of Christmas . . .

An office discount supplier sent to me . . .

Twelve pencil sharpeners sharpening????

pencil sharpeners

I ordered one. Paid for one. Some warehouse picker sent a case instead. So now I have these eleven extra electric pencil sharpeners.

I emailed the company and they don’t want them back:

Thank you for letting us know. However, since it was our error and you were not billed anything extra, you may keep the additional pencil sharpeners you received.

Anybody need a pencil sharpener????

Meanwhile my cat inspected the situation and decided she was singularly unimpressed:

unimpressed cat

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9 Responses to On the first day of Christmas . . .

  1. Dad says:

    Looks like the postman, paper boy and milk man will be getting pencil sharpeners for Christmas.

  2. Bernita says:

    Mine is the kind that bolts to a desk and has a crank…

  3. What a deal! Hopefully the warehouse packer and shipper won’t get sacked for thinking “quantity: 1” meant 1 case.

    I’ve been in warehousing before, and had an inventory count turn 1,000 little items into only 1. When we checked the discrepancy, we found one big box, with 1,000 little items in it. The counter had seen one box and marked down “one.”

    (That was decades ago, when inventory was taken by human beings manually counting items, instead of scanning barcodes or waving RF receiver wands over items with smart chips installed.)


  4. Kirsten says:

    Wow, John, he wouldn’t get sacked, would he?


    I wonder if in this case somebody had programmed the inventory database wrong — I can’t imagine the picker wasn’t using a computerized system of some kind.

    (These sharpeners retail for $13 apiece btw.)

    Bernita, there’s a lot to be said for the bolted-to-the desk type hand-crank sharpeners. I was horrified when I looked inside this electric sharpener and it’s basically got a little plastic box with a bit of blade in it — exactly like those teensy hand sharpeners. Except it is wired to rotate . . . I shudder to think how quickly it will expire . . . perhaps having 11 back-ups isn’t such a bad thing after all . . . may even last til my daughter’s safely in college . . .

  5. madpaddler says:

    Hi, like your blog………….Had this happen with plastic swimming pools for the kids, argued with the store that the box was a bit too big(and heavy!) but they made me take it anyway…It was a case of 6, everyone in the hood got one. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Kirsten says:

    HI HAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. madpaddler says:

    HI! really like your work and congrats on the book, now I can claim to know a famous person! Your Dad told me about his blog and it ran me to yours. Sure miss not seeing you all, hope you have the best Christmas! (can’t miss with all those sharpeners!)

  8. Kirsten says:

    Yeah, I’m not exactly famous! I’m whatever comes after “z-list.” I’ll blogroll your blog too!!! LOL

    The Mortensens take over the blogosphere!!!!

  9. madpaddler says:

    Mine are more like a collection of mindless dribble, but it keeps me somewhat sane :)

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