Okay, so I actually took my clubs out onto the course, yesterday . . .

And utterly humiliated myself. Nine holes, and I think I was on the fairway ONCE the entire time. Unless the tees count. Do the tees count as “being on the fairway”???

I had gotten to the point on the driving range when I could hit fairly long, fairly straight shots, fairly consistently (I took a half hour lesson too, which helped) with my seven iron, at least.

But everything I thought I’d grooved in disappeared when I got out on the course.


I hit trees. Several. I hit water (not that that was hard to do that — we got three inches of rain yesterday morning and the course was sopping wet). I scattered the geese grazing in the rough. I chipped over greens, and then chipped back over them the other way. On more than one hole.

I think I’ll stick to the driving range again for awhile . . .

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2 Responses to Okay, so I actually took my clubs out onto the course, yesterday . . .

  1. dad says:

    OK, but hear tell that your 8-year old went merrily down the center of the fairway, hitting her shots while you wander, aimlessly, through the gorse and heather looking for your wayward ball.

  2. Kirsten says:


    She had a grand time, & is far too intelligent to bother keeping score, which is a good thing because she probably beat the pants off of me.

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