Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous


turkeys in the backyard2

Turkeys in my back yard.

Here’s the same pic, cropped.

turkeys in the yard

I do not live in the country. I live in an old suburban neighborhood a stone’s throw from the city’s edge.

And yet it’s crawling with woodland wildlife. Amazing.

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6 Responses to Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous

  1. dad says:

    Well, you always wanted to live in the country–maybe the country is just following you. When you have bears after your garbage then you will be really impressed.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Yes well somehow I think that may be coming. Bears or mountain lions.

  3. Elephants? Rhinos? Yeah, it would be a long swim… but you never know.

    I actually have turkeys living in and around my neighborhood too, but they don’t have wings or feathers.


    P.S. (It’s OK. You ought to hear what they call ME!)

  4. Kirsten says:

    Every neighborhood has that kind of turkey, John :-)

    I’ve seen turkeys for years & years around my parents,’ and a year ago or so I saw some along Rt. 490 east of Rochester. But seeing them in Brighton? That’s just too much. Place is turning into a regular ecosystem!

  5. Turkeys in Brighton, that’s great.

    I grew up a few hundred yards away in Penfield, and I remember our backyard being visited one time by some pheasants. Have you sighted any of those recently?

  6. Kirsten says:

    Hi, Michael,

    I didn’t realize you grew up in Penfield, although I had gathered you were from Western NY somewhere. Cool :-)

    Re: pheasants — don’t see too many of them any more. I think they were quite numerous at one time due to a game bird breed/release program (by the DEC?) but that’s kind of petered out. It may be that the increased forestation of upstate NY has reduced the habitat they prefer . . .

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