November schmovember

Yes, I know certain people live in warmer climes and will be golfing right through ’til next spring, but up here in the shadow of the arctic circle we sometimes have nice days this time of year, too.

Yesterday was one. Glad we Mortensens were smart enough to take advantage of it — met my parents’ at their place and golfed at the Canasawacta Country Club.

Here’s looking out toward the club house. Told you it was nice!

golf course

Here’s me, on the women’s tee next to one of those same pear trees. (I believe I’m saying “slice AGAIN!?!?!”)

 me golfing

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3 Responses to November schmovember

  1. Oooooooooooo! VERY nice! Golf in November in New York State? I would’ve thought that an oxymoron.

    Your swing looks better than mine, based on your balanced follow-through. Plus I can see that your ball is no longer on the tee, after your swing. Mine, you never know.

    We played today (in shorts and short-sleeve shirts, I might add.) Our home course is, like most of the South Texas terrain, flat. I envy your elevation changes.

    And “Canasawacta” is, I assume, an Indian name?

    Thanks for the link/reference.


  2. dad says:

    Oh, there were guys on the course in short sleeves and shorts playing as well–we northerners are tough and the temps were in the upper 60’s (set a record for date btw). Unfortunately, Kirsten didn’t show how we finished but her daughter was the only one dry in her rain coat. Luckily we were on the 18th tee when the showers hit.

    There have been years when we have golfed in every month of the year–thus far, we have been golfing the CCC since midMarch. The only limiting factor is when the course manager has carts available–no way we’re walking the whole thing. That picture–taken from the 15th tee–isn’t even at the top of the hill!!

    I’m not sure but I have the feeling that “Canasawacta” is the Iroquois expression for 300 days of cloudy weather. (only kidding)

  3. Kirsten says:

    Sure it rained, Dad, but it was a nice rain!


    Well, John, photos lie, too — it could be about six inches outside the frame!!!


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