NaNoWriMo 2011 planning update…

My NaNoWriMo prep is moving along nicely. I now have a dozen characters: two major, three supporting, and seven minor.

I have a sense as well of themes, which include pursuing perfection/perfection as the enemy of the good — literally! Think Dr. Faustus ;-) — and the tension between trying to live from the head vs. trying to live from that other Self, whatever it is.

My characters are all golfers, which means the book will probably get pegged as a golf novel, but my goal of course is for it to split the seams of any genre. There will be romance, and there will be comedy, and there will be Big Ideas if you care to look for them. If  even non-golfers will find it fun to read, I’ll be the happiest writer on the planet.

Can’t wait to get started :-)


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