my novel on sale, friends & family price

I’ve pubbed my novel on Kindle, and set an initial price of 99 cents.

Can Job

It’s a plate of humorous satire with a side helping of romance. Here’s the description:

Rocco Pinnoccho’s career is on the corporate fast track. After years of toiling as a mid-level manager for the iconic can opener manufacturer DipTych, Inc., Rocco is heading the launch of a new division.

A digital division.

Stockholders are swooning. The DipTych EasyCan Digital Can Opening System will revolutionize America’s kitchens. Local pol Bo Valgus is also on board: he wants to replace the city’s fund-starved FairARTS! Center with a shiny new cannery and return the rust belt city of Borschtchester, New York to its former glory as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Then an uncooperative R&D team claims EasyCan won’t be ready in time for Kich-N-World, the industry’s annual mega trade show. And Rocco’s desperate staff-including PR manager Taylor Song, who yearns for her old job at the florist shop, Darryl Figiet, a corporate Gollum nursing a secret passion, and Miles Chacuderie, the world’s only obsessive-compulsive anarchist-are forced to take matters into their own hands. First Darryl swipes an engineering schematic-hey, they have to create their launch kit out of something! But the schematic turns out to be a whole lot less than it appears-and Rocco and Bo find themselves facing a potentially career-destroying PR disaster.

Is all lost? Or can the mysterious and powerful marketing firm Fusee & Madelaine save DipTych’s reputation and with it, Bo’s teetering marriage? Will the DipTych CEO finally get rid of the pigeons that hang round his top floor window sill-without getting any more employees nearly killed? Exactly how rich is that weird maintenance engineer who spends his shifts hiding in the ceiling? And will the poor, chronically sweating insomniac Darryl finally man up and claim the woman he loves?

Take a look if you’re interested and let me know what you think!

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