Migraines are hell

And the monkey on my back that I can’t seem to shake.

Any ideas for alt treatments that you have, please share! I’ve run out of ideas. What I’ve tried: chiropractic, various nutritional supplements, progesterone cream, drinking more water, warming my hands & feet during the pre-headache stage, avoiding triggers. Nothing seems to help consistently. Anyone have any other ideas?

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12 Responses to Migraines are hell

  1. Ms_Ironic says:

    Yes – migraines are hell. And I am still waiting for help – too.

    I felt comfortable after a regularly cranio sacral therapie – someting for you?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for the tip — I’ve considered that but haven’t tried it. I think it’s time!

  3. Kirsten says:

    You know, I was also thinking — migraine headaches are an argument against evolution, because people prone to them would have been weeded out a long time ago:

    Saber toothed tiger: “Grrrrrrr!!!”

    Woman with a migraine: “Thank goodness you’re here! All I ask is that you start eating me from the head down!”

  4. Ms_Ironic says:


    Good idea – or to protect against pragnancy..*rofl*

  5. Ms_Ironic says:

    …but not to protect against tipping mistakes..ufff..

  6. Karen says:

    Try menopause. It works!

  7. doc-t says:

    Migraines suck pondwater!

    1: darkness
    2: caffeine
    3: There is a fairly new drug out… which is very effective but very expensive. but i can’t rememeber the name of it. You’re Dr. would know.
    4: muscle relaxers help but not completely. naproxen, cyclobenzeprene
    5: a regular Full body massage… (not during the migraine)
    6: a healthy sex life. (okay, i don’t really know if this helps but even if it doesn’t…. so what)

  8. IB Perfect says:

    Imatrex, Relpac, Midrin, sleep?

  9. Kirsten says:

    doc-t, the massage idea is one I haven’t tried, but should! Idea #6 — my personal data collection in that area has persuaded me that there’s no correlation ;-)

    As for prescription drugs . . . a last resort. I hope dearly I can avoid them!

    I’m an idealist, IB; I’m not ready to give up the conceit that I’ve imposed these on myself somehow, and can shift away from them if I can only figure out what habit I need to break, what I’ve braced against . . .

  10. tzusrmylife says:

    Have you tried cutting certain food additives such as MSG, sugar substitutes and/or salt out of your diet? MSG is a killer for me but it took a while for me to figure that out. When I told my doc he say, “Oh, yeah, MSG is notorious for causing migraines.”. It would have been so nice to know that when I started having them – 3 years prior! I’m assuming you’ve had all the MRIs, cat scans and other assundry tests. If you haven’t high thyself to ye ole local neurologist asap – could be serious. My best friend just had a non-malignant but still dangerous tumor removed after four years of migraines with no tests. They did one MRI and rushed her into surgery. She could have just had radiation if she’d looked into it when the headaches started. If all else fails. take some advice from a long time sufferrer of chronic pain. Opiates have caused more migraines for me than they have resolved so if you can avoid taking them do so at all cost. Keeping you in my prayers.

  11. tzusrmylife says:

    I meant to add that cranial sachral and accupuncture have both been very helpful for me. Typically I used cranial sachral as preventative and accupuncture for immediate relief. I hope you find the help you need.

  12. Kirsten says:

    Hi, tz — thanks. No, I’ve never been examined by a neurologist, but I’ve been getting them for so long, if the cause was anything extraordinary, I expect I’d be six feet under by now. MSG — I eat a pretty clean diet but I’ll keep an eye on it to see if maybe there’s a correlation between my occasional meals out & the headaches.

    I am definitely gonig to look into cranial sachral . . .

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