Luck takes more than luck

Last month, I posted about a study that looked at people who think they’re lucky. The study found that self-described “lucky” people don’t actually beat the odds in an objective sense. But because they tend to be extroverted and open, they’re more likely to pick up cues and recognize opportunities, so they do have “luckier” lives.

Now comes a new twist, in a news story about a Powerball ticket worth $853,492 that has expired, unclaimed.

Somebody out there was lucky. But they missed an opportunity, and that made all the difference.

(There’s another unclaimed ticket for the same amount, purchased in Colorado, that expires at midnight tonight . . . )

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One Response to Luck takes more than luck

  1. That’s another good reason for me NOT to play the lottery. If I ever beat those astronomical odds and won a significant prize, chances are I’d misplace the darn ticket! (And I consider myself pretty lucky, most of the time.)


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