“Libby” is free for Kindle for the next five days . . .

I’ve made my romance novel, “When Libby Met the Fairies,”  free again, Friday July 13 – Tuesday July 17.

Click here to download your copy!

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3 Responses to “Libby” is free for Kindle for the next five days . . .

  1. Marianne Little says:

    Your book on Libby and the fairies would not let me put it down! That is superior for your book but not good for me as I couldn’t sleep and have to drive 300 miles in 4 hours! Keep me informed on your excited activities on your new book and let me know if you want any feedback! Blessings and Shalom! MARIANNE LITTLE

  2. Dawn Ashby says:

    I just finished “When Libby Met the Fairies..” and was quite impressed with your writing. Although I’m not one to contact authors, the fact you love dogs made an exception. I am ready to purchase “Loose Dogs” and I am looking to reading it.


  3. Kirsten says:

    Wow, you guys, thank you SO much!!! I could about cry now you’ve made me so happy :) :) :)

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