It really IS her dog!

outwitting dogs cover

When someone wrote an Amazon review that she’d bought Outwitting Dogs because her dog was on the cover, I assumed she meant she owned a Jack Russell terrier and bought the book because there’s a Jack Russell on the front.


It really IS her dog on the cover!!!

camilla again
Susan has sent me some more pics of Camilla to post here. Look at that sweetie! She doesn’t look at all like a dog who would chew a slipper now, does she!

And isn’t this cool? Turns out the book’s cover model is a hard-working industry professional with a massive portfolio — who hobnobs with some of the most famous dogs in the biz!!! Lassie!!! Beethoven! The Taco Bell chihuahua!!! Air Bud! And that’s Bullseye, the Target Bull Terrier, in the sunglasses, right?

famous dogs

And look at this one — you can see why this dog works a lot. Doesn’t that make your heart just melt?


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6 Responses to It really IS her dog!

  1. Onion says:

    Hello there! Cool to see such a cute celeb canine! Thought you might be interested to know about me too (I’m not shy of the limelight!). This year I’ve had a light modelled on me, and been in a Ewan McGregor movie and an A-ha pop video! I’ve got a website,, and a blog, and I’d be HONOURED if you’d feature me on your blog too!
    Glad to find you here in cybercaninespace!

  2. Yes, K., it does.


  3. Kirsten says:


  4. susan jaffe says:

    Hey look like a hollywood dog!!Camilla is a NYC hack dog..forever a character actor never a star!!She was in Sex and the City where she cleverly impregnated Elizabeth taylor for tvland.And has pulled on pants legs and whatever anyone thinks up..
    Onion you have charisma!!

  5. susan jaffe says:

    O dear!!Onion is a British dog!!Just checked his film clip

  6. Dave says:

    Cool. I’m going to use Camilla next time I play the game “Brush with Fame!”

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