Infrastructure! Yeah, baby!

I started Christmas shopping last week. Within a day the UPS truck was finding my door. Then, this afternoon the floodgates opened: a pile of boxes on my doorstep.


What could be more fun?

I also noticed that instead of just a driver on the truck, there was a second fellow whose job it was to distribute the packages. Kind of like Santa navigates and his right hand man negotiates the chimney.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen UPS do it that way.

Is it a coincidence that deliveries of my Internet orders seem to be happening faster this year than last? Do you suppose UPS has tweaked its processes so it can better meet holidaytime demand? Do you suppose online retailers are doing the same? Do you suppose the Internet shopping infrastructure is blossoming into a thing of glorious & unprecedented consumerist beauty?

Dunno, but I can tell you I LOVE shopping online. I’ll go out and shop in person for a few things this year. But Internet shopping is heavenly. You can compare prices with the click of a mouse, find neat things without having to schlep around the space time continuum AND you get lots of visits from shipping carriers. What could be more fun?

This is going to be the best Christmas EVER.


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6 Responses to Infrastructure! Yeah, baby!

  1. Agreed! And (new topic altogether), Carol and I just rented and re-watched for nostalgia’s sake the entire “Back to the Future” trilogy. Did the term “space-time continuum” originate with that screenplay, or was it just those movies that made the term part of our everyday language? I wonder about things like that. Welrd!


  2. Dad says:

    I hope one of those big ones is for me. :-)

  3. Kirsten says:

    Yes, it was a case of 5,000 golf balls.

  4. Deb says:

    What do you do with the all the boxes?? I too love to shop online, and I end up with boxes crowding my garage (where I do like to park my car in the winter) until I find the time for Jeff and I to recycle them. To recycle them, the boxes in good condition can be taken, packing materials and all, to a shipping store. Boxes that can’t be used again for shipping have to be emptied, flattened, cut in half if they’re above a certain size, and put out at the curb with my other recyclables.

    It’s still better than having to go shop at the mall though (-:

  5. Kirsten says:

    I recycle them, Deb — our waste hauler takes them if they’re in less than 4 feet lengths when flattened. But that is a downside to Internet shopping — uses all that extra packaging material. OTOH it probably uses less fuel since the UPS guys are delivering to lots of people instead of each person making solo trips to shop. Sort of like gift carpooling.

  6. Dad says:

    Oh good, now I can play 2500 rounds.

    BTW, once we can no longer get the car in the garage because of the bags full of ghost pooh, bubble wrap, plastic cushion bags, and various other types of packing material, we take it to the Pack ‘N Mail in Binghamton–places like that love getting the stuff as long as it is clean. We pack each type in a separate clear garbage bags. The last time I tooks stuff in, I couldn’t see out the back window because the car was chuck-a-block. (I’d had more room but if I coulda used the trunk but it was full of golf clubs.)

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