I was just on the radio!

That was awesome — I just did a radio interview about Outwitting Dogs for WBER, Rochester’s alt music radio station. What a kick. Thanks Joey & Sgt. Pepper!

Anybody who stops by, the book is available on Amazon.

Other resources I mentioned on the interview. If you’re looking for a Rochester area trainer, Cindy Harrison at SeeSpotThink is terrific. (Many of the photos in 101 Dog Training Tips were taken during classes at her training facility here in Roch.)

Terry Ryan, the trainer who was the real brains behind Outwitting Dogs, is online at Legacy Canine.

Feel free to email me (address on the right) if there’s anything else.

(I also have another blog, www.golfolicious.com, for my other obsession ;-))

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  1. Deb says:

    Wow, cool. I wish I could hear the radio interview!

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