Hyperthymestic syndrome

There’s only one person known to have it. Her story is here.

Her symptoms? A preternatural memory.

Give her any date, and she can

recall the day of the week, usually what the weather was like on that day, personal details of her life at that time, and major news events that occurred . . .

[She] remembers trivial details as clearly as major events. Asked what happened on Aug 16, 1977, she knew that Elvis Presley had died, but she also knew that a California tax initiative passed on June 6 of the following year, and a plane crashed in Chicago on May 25 of the next year, and so forth. Some may have had a personal meaning for her, but some did not.

She’s not an idiot savant. She’s a “fully functioning person.”

Now–isn’t this typical!–she’s been kidnapped by scientists and is being held in a lab where they’re preparing to run a series of MRIs . . . ha ha ha, just kidding about the kidnapping part. She’s volunteered to be studied. We guess.

(I wonder if her mother ate a lot of eggs.)

Update: First link broken, is now fixed!

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5 Responses to Hyperthymestic syndrome

  1. o_O Blood hell!

    Wouln’t you wish you had such a vivid memory…?

  2. Luciana Cook says:

    I seems like i have a mild case of hyperthymestic syndrome. i have memories of my childhood when i was 1 and 3 year old and am able to tell not only what i was doing/wearing at any given day but other people as well.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Wow, you should hunt down the researchers and let them know!

  4. Sandy Jacobs says:

    i have ALWAYS remembered many things in complete detail from the time i was 1 up until now at age 58. my entire family and friends have always wondered how, i don’t know but it does not feel great to remember the death of my 4 yr. old sister when i was nine and i too can tell you what people said or wore. i can still smell the flowers, etc… yes this was very tramatic, but i remember and relive so so many things i could write a book. everyone calls me for dates of births. what they weighed, how long they were; when people died, what day of the week it was, all old telephone numbers, and how i seem to know when people are in trouble or something big is going to happen; and i have NEVER been proven wrong……………..

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