He backed down — for now

Spitzer’s changed his mind about his new Internet commerce tax policy.

In a second major policy reversal in less than a day, Governor Spitzer is backing down from a plan to require Amazon.com and other online retailers to charge state and local sales taxes on all purchases from New York.

Yesterday, just hours after The New York Sun reported on the new revenue collection scheme, the Spitzer administration announced that it was burying it for the time being — at least until after the Christmas shopping season. The move saved New York City shoppers from having to pay an additional 8.375% on many Amazon.com goods.

He realized that state Republicans were going to score another easy body blow with this one — they were going to name it “the Grinch tax” and call Spitzer to task for reneging on his campaign promise not to raise our taxes.

Not that Spitzer wasn’t ready with a response to that charge.

Here it is, from the lips of Paul Francis, the governor’s budget director:

“I don’t regard it as a tax increase. It’s only a tax increase to the person who is paying it.”

But of course!

(Have I mentioned lately that New York State residents pay the highest taxes of any state in the U.S.?)

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  1. Hey! He probably reads your blog and realized what a terrible idea that was.


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