Got a nibble

I have a draft of my new novel done, I’ve started querying, and I’ve gotten my first nibble: request for partial came in late yesterday, emailed it out today.

Nothing in the world is more fun than this. Even though I know what a long shot it is . . . how hard it is to fall short. It’s still about the most fun of anything I can imagine.

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2 Responses to Got a nibble

  1. Outstanding! Great news. That means two things: first, that you wrote a pretty good query letter, and second, that your premise (at least) has sales potential.

    That IS exciting and fun! (And I’m jealous!)


  2. Kirsten says:

    Thank you, John.

    Actually I had another factor in my favor — I got as far as a request for a full with this agent on my last completed novel. She said at the time that she liked my writing and that it was a very hard decision to pass on my book. So I had a bit of a track record with her, and also was able to open my query by saying, more or less,”remember your critique of my last book — well, I kept it in mind as I wrote this one.” I’m sure that helped . . .

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