Fun w/ metaphors

E for Editrix has a blog post of over-the-top metaphors — from one of those emails that gets passed around. They’re supposedly taken from high school English essays. Like E, I’m a bit skeptical about the provenance, but they’re still a lot of fun. Enjoy :-)

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4 Responses to Fun w/ metaphors

  1. Fun! I particularly laughed at number 6. To me it was the perfect metaphore.

    Oh, and it’s nice to know that fire ants provide some benefit to the world. I wasn’t aware of any. And given the choice between fire ants and chiggers, I think I’d rather live in Rochester. (You don’t have them there, do you?)

    Now, if those fire ants would just eat mosquito eggs and larvae, I might get in their corner.


  2. Kirsten says:

    LOL — fire ants & chiggers — rock and a hard place!!!

    No, we don’t have fire ants in Roch — or chiggers — but don’t forget, we have that cold, white stuff for months & months every winter . . .

  3. Debi says:


  4. Bernita says:

    I can see them working.
    Such as out of the mouth of an Archie Goodwin kind of character or a Temperance Brennan

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