From the tour bus

Oxford circus I had quite a pile of work awaiting me after my trip, so I’ve spent this week churning out Corporate Prose. I’ve got more to write this weekend, but in the meantime here’s a few more pics.

The day after Paris my Gracious Host agreed to my suggestion that we try a tour bus. We set out by foot to Trafalgar Square, passing Cambridge Circus . . .

China Town

and Chinatown.

We began the morning walking through The National Gallery, which faces the square.

British Museum

Big Ben from the tour bus

And then found a bus. We sat on the top — the weather was just warm enough to make it bearable — and were on our way.

We passed many familiar landmarks, and while it wasn’t always easy to get decent shots from a moving vehicle, the tour guide was a font of interesting trivia (my Gracious Host even admitted to picking up a few previously-unknown tidbits, native Londoner though he is) — altogether, a very enjoyable experience and definitely worthwhile if you’re new to the city and need to get a tourist’s bearings.

Here’s the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge from the bus

The Tower of London.

London Tower

Christopher Wren’s monument commemorating the Fire of London in 1666.

Fire of London Monument

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