Free ebooks!!!

It’s Freebie Friday over at Webbiegrrl’s Writings — and my novel Can Job is one of the featured books!

Can Job is a comic novel of course. But if you’re into thrillers, you can also pick up free copies of Tracking Shadows by Regan Black and Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes. (Follow the link to read full descriptions.)

This is the first promo like this I’ve participated in — and I have to say Sarah, the brains behind this campaign, really has it down. It’s a power in numbers thing: Regan, Roger, Sarah and I have been retweeting the news to our respective followers on Twitter and posting on various other social media forums. For someone like me, who’s written what I think is a pretty good book –but is having trouble getting noticed — it’s PR worth its weight in gold.

Now let’s just hope that the peeps who have grabbed a copy of my book post reviews. Like Sarah says in her post, “Reader comments are the golden nectar that feeds a writer’s Muse.” ;-)



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3 Responses to Free ebooks!!!

  1. Thanks, Kirsten. I have to say again, you and Regan and Roger have been some of the most participatory entrants yet! It’s definitely all about numbers — and you get what you put in. Often I see the 3 authors only RT’ing their own personalized links (doing the minimum of checking their own @mentions and nothing more) and they get 10 or 20 downloads and are happy. That’s great. I want to see you guys get 50 or 100. I get 150 visitors on average so why not go for a 100% clickthrough?

    I think the more you put in, the more you get out and you 3 are putting in serious effort! It’s great!

  2. Kirsten says:

    @John thanks & thanks for stopping by :-)

    @Sarah my pleasure. Thoroughly enjoying it :-)

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