Duck. It’s lit fic :-)

danger danger, it’s like, literary, man

You were warned.

I’ve published a new short story, and this one is, how shall we say . . . not commercial fiction :-)

Here’s the description:

This atmospheric short examines a young woman’s coming of age in Upstate New York in the late 1970s.

The ‘Vette is available as an e-story from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from Smashwords, where you can download it in a number of different versions.

Cost is 99 cents, OR do the right thing and sign up for my newsletter before February 3, and I’ll email you a coupon code so you can download a copy from Smashwords for free :-)

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2 Responses to Duck. It’s lit fic :-)

  1. Brendan Howard says:

    So, I bought this for 99 cents on because I know someone who knows you.

    What about this story did you like enough to publish it?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Uh oh, is that a trick question?

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