Does this book teaser make me look . . . fat???

A porcupine ate this sign.

A porcupine ate this sign.

So we indie authors lob tons of marketing advice at each other.

Let me know when someone answers the most important question of all:

Why is it harder to market yourself than somebody else?

Actually, now that I think about it . . . this may be just a variation on that other perplexing paradox: in general, it’s easier to solve other peoples’ problems than your own.

Ever notice that? You can tell when someone else’s relationship is a disaster waiting to happen. You know when somebody else should quit his/her soul-crushing job. It’s easy to tell when someone else’s self-destructive habits are out of control.

Meanwhile, someone dares to offer you some extremely good and  timely advice . . .

“Maybe you should dump the jerk” or

“Why don’t you just quit?” or

“Ya know, there are other foods besides Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey”

. . . and you bristle and snarl like a porcupine with PMS.

I can’t!

But how will I pay the bills?

Are you saying . . . I’m FAT?


Why would anyone want to buy my camel?

Anyway. Those of you who noticed that my Can Job book description was pretty fugly: no worries. Because if you’d mentioned it, I wouldn’t have been able to fix it anyway.

But you were right. It was too much information, and not enough tease. I see that now.

So here’s the rev. Let’s see if it helps sells books . . .

They’re launching a product that will save the company.

At the biggest trade show in the universe.

Their careers are at stake.

Heck, the future of the entire CITY is at stake.

Then they discover that the product doesn’t actually exist . . .




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6 Responses to Does this book teaser make me look . . . fat???

  1. Brian says:

    Coming into this completely blind, who is “they”? A small company? Big company? Exec team? I don’t need it spelled out explicitly but could use more. jmho

    • Kirsten says:


      Thank you!!!

      That’s the challenge tho, right? My last description gave way too much information/detail. So the question is: if you have those kinds of questions, is that a good thing? Would it make you pick up the book and flip through a few pages?

  2. Peazy says:

    This is terrific, Kirsten! I especially adore the hooky last line. If I suggested any change at all, it would be to replace ‘they’re’ in the first line with the company name or something that personalizes it just a bit. Give us a ‘character’ to begin to care about.

    This might seem like a small thing until you realize that you’ll pick up a book and begin reading just because of a few short words in the title, or the author’s unusual and catchy name. That makes this one word a huge opportunity, particularly when you have so few words to sell your work.

    • Kirsten says:

      Thank you Peazy!

      I may just do that…will wait until after tomorrow tho since Amazon will take it offline while it updates & tomorrow is my next giveaway day :-)

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