Deer in the street!

This was taken from my living room window this morning.

suburban deer

Unfortunately I had to run and get the camera so I missed them when they were really close — right in my front yard.

Some years ago I read that the deer population in Monroe County was one of the highest in the entire state. The worst concentrations have typically been in Irondoquoit, a northern suburb where parks like Durand Eastman function as predator-free deer resorts. The consequences aren’t pretty, and include high numbers of deer-car accidents; at such high concentrations, the deer also overbrowse the parks which is bad for the native woodland plants that also call them home. And forget growing hostas if you’re a homeowner.

Irondoquoit, to the horror of the pro-deer crowd, responded by culling through a bait-and-shoot program. More recently, they’ve tried contraception, a more politically acceptable alternative. Planned deerhood.

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2 Responses to Deer in the street!

  1. Oh deer! (Sorry.) With no remaining natural predators and no controls, deer overpopulation can be a huge problem.. And not just for people and cars — the deer suffer too (overbrowsing, in-breeding, etc.) No solution will please all groups.

    But…aren’t they pretty and fun to watch?!


  2. Kirsten says:

    Yes, John, and also very delicious looking!

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