Dark Chemistry

Dark Chemistry by Kirsten Mortensen

Makes you want to read the novel, doesn’t it?

I’m still here! Just heads down working on the next novel, Dark Chemistry.

I’m working with my cover designer, Derek Murphy, on a cover (the one pictured left is a possibility!) [EDIT: Updated to display the final cover!]

And here’s my current teaser copy. What do you think?

It’s bad enough that her mother has fallen for a new boy toy.

There goes her mother’s money.

Then Haley Dubose learns that her father is dead–and to inherit his fortune, she has to leave sunny Southern California for a little backwater town in Upstate New York.

And she has to run the chemical manufacturing company he founded–for two whole years.

You couldn’t get further away from beaches, clubs, and upscale malls.

But Haley soon wishes her only problems were of the spoiled-rich-girl variety: she finds herself entangled in a web of evil, spun by men who use powerful, synthetic chemicals to manipulate people. They can drive their enemies insane. They can use them sexually.

They can even kill.

And they are preparing to enslave the world.

Will Haley be able to free herself?

Will she realize—before it’s too late—that the price of her freedom may be greater than life itself?

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