Damn you Microsoft! FIX FILE MANAGER

I’ve had it.

I “upgraded” to Windows 7 a year or so ago, and the file manager utility that is bundled with the OS is a MESS.

And by “mess” I mean it FAILS to perform the most FUNDAMENTAL function of all: KEEP TRACK OF MY FILES.

Yes, I’m shouting.

This morning is the last straw. I have a document that I created around January 17th. I NOW CAN’T FIND IT.

I know the date because when I created it (a Word doc) I also created a companion Excel file, and that, I can find.

I don’t remember the exact Word file name, but what the hell difference does it make?

I’ve done searches on every possible keyword that I would have logically used in the name.

I’ve done searches by date.

I’ve searched by directory. I’ve re-performed the searches on “Libraries” to try to cast a wider net.

I’ve gone through my main Documents directory manually.


I am a WRITER. I make a living as a WRITER.

I can NOT discover that a file that I spent hours creating is suddenly GONE.

This is not the first time I’ve been frustrated by the “file manager” capability in this software. Since “upgrading” to Windows 7:

  • I’ve noticed that files occasionally disappear, and then reappear. This seems to be largely random.
  • There’s no longer any way to search on text strings within documents.
  • Windows sticks files in different directories using a logic that I find incomprehensible. Why have a directory called “Pictures” and then program your damn OS so that it saves every conceivable file type in that directory? REALLY, Microsoft? REALLY?
  • Updating files doesn’t appear to affect how they are listed when you sort by date. So if you created a file in 2011 and work on it in 2013 and save it again, don’t imagine for ONE SECOND you’ll see it at the top when you sort your directory by date! Oh, no! It will very likely be buried back with your 2-year-old files!

I have literally wasted HOURS hunting for files since I “upgraded” to this piece of crap operating system.

MICROSOFT. You need to FIX this. It is a MAJOR fail and NO, do NOT tell me I need to purchase another version of your crap OS.


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4 Responses to Damn you Microsoft! FIX FILE MANAGER

  1. Kirsten says:

    And YES I’ve researched this. YES I’ve tried to figure out if maybe I don’t understand how to use the functionality in this version of the OS.

    But a SEARCH is a SEARCH. I should be able to do a SEARCH on a file that is saved SOMEWHERE on my hard drive and FIND THAT FILE.

    And it should NOT be hard and it should NOT be frustrating.

    Creating, saving, and accessing files is the NUMBER ONE FUNCTION OF AN OPERATING SYSTEM FROM THE USER’S PERSPECTIVE.

    Microsoft HAS to fix this.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Oh, I found the file!

    I used Word/Open.

    I tried out several keywords until I found the one that happened to also be the first word in the file.

    I waited while Word populated the dropdown list of files (ANOTHER function that works poorly in this OS, no big surprise.)

    And lo and behold, there is the file.

    It exists. This is NOT a user error.

    Microsoft HAS to fix this.

  3. Kirsten says:

    I just did a “Save As” to re-save the file in my main Documents directory, and then searched for it again.


  4. Kirsten says:

    Just saved the document AGAIN. Gave it a new file name. Saved is as a Word 97 document. Now it magically — MAGIC!!! — appears in the search.

    Totally random. Totally random.


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