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Run away. Run away.

I’ve pulled “When Libby.” Many readers love the book. A typical reaction is this recent 5-start Goodreads review: great story of personal growth. funny quirky, with a bit of romance tossed in. :) was a great read. But I can’t … Continue reading

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THANK YOU! Libby hits #11 in Free Kindle Store!

I am so grateful to ALL of you who downloaded my novel over the past few days. Thanks to you, “When Libby Met the Fairies” is now up to #11 in Amazon’s Free Kindle Ebooks store! This is the kind … Continue reading

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Loose dogs . . .

Loose dogs don’t follow rules. They aren’t predictable. They don’t keep to the sidewalks or respect property boundaries. They don’t come when called. Loose dogs are elusive things. — Paige Newbury

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“Libby” is free for Kindle for the next five days . . .

I’ve made my romance novel, “When Libby Met the Fairies,”  free again, Friday July 13 – Tuesday July 17. Click here to download your copy!

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Announcing: my e-newsletter :-)

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Now here it is: an easy way for you to stay in touch. Be the first to know when I’m running promotions or have a new book or story out. … Continue reading

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Dream a couple  nights ago. Rattlesnake infestation. But I was handling it, in typical “made sense at the time” dream logic: I was picking them up (no, not with my hands! with a stick!) and . . . putting them … Continue reading

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New cover for Libby!

I am so psyched!!!

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mama did NOT say there’d be days like this. exactly. lol

So I’m giving away five copies of Can Job, print edition, on Goodreads. And I’ve been monitoring how my giveaway has compared to the others by watching it in the site’s “Most Requested” list. I check again this morning — … Continue reading

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“Dogs” now in beta–and readers are liking it!

So this makes me sooooooooooooo very happy — I’ve recruited a few peeps to beta read my new novel, and the feedback so far has been so encouraging! I planned to stop after the first 5 chapters, but couldn’t put … Continue reading

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The overnight success of two successful indie authors

Well, isn’t this something. Their “overnight success” is only “overnight” to those of us who haven’t slogged alongside them for the past decade or two. From a Guardian story on Amanda Hocking — who btw is now 27 years old: … Continue reading

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