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A recipe post

Most nights my culinary audience is limited to a nine-year old girl whose idea of an “awesome, mom!” meal is boxed mac & cheese. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But if I cooked to her taste only, we’d … Continue reading

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Fake corks

I can’t afford to spend a whole lotta money on wine. I tend to buy bottles in the $10-15 range (below that price point I seem to run into wines I don’t find particularly drinkable); I drink them a glassful … Continue reading

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’76 all over again . . .

A blind tasting of wines first compared 30 years ago was deja vous all over again. In May 1976, nine French wine experts judged New World cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays against their beloved red Bordeaux and white Burgundies in a … Continue reading

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Robert Parker

The New York Times has published an article about him (registration required). I predict the man will be understood, one day, as having importance far beyond the world of wine; as somehow epitomizing the late 20th century boomer generation American. … Continue reading

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Getting buttered in Rochester

Searching for the perfect Friday post, and lo, I discover that Rochester’s own Century Discount Liquors made The Wall Street Journal‘s Friday Tastings column: “Taking Sides in the Butter Battle” (subscription required). Turns out, a rebellion is brewing amongst wine … Continue reading

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I’m shocked, shocked

It was a happy day when I discovered that there really is a way to keep an opened bottle of red wine around for a week or so without it spoiling. Wine is, after all, is good for a woman’s … Continue reading

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