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You are who you hang with

Found this morning via Instapundit: a blog about neuroscience and metacognition written for lay people. I’ve just added it to my blogroll after reading a post there about a political blogger’s decision to close comments. The article argues, based on … Continue reading

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“Secular sermons”

In the New Statesman, John Gray critiques both Wolpert (Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast–I blogged about that book yesterday) and Daniel C Dennett, Breaking the Spell: religion as a natural phenomenon. [tags] religion, spirituality, belief [/tags]

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From ape to . . . theologist

At the London Times, John Carey reviews Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief, by Lewis Wolpert. Given the growing muscularity of both neuroscience and evolutionary biology, it’s no surprise that some would reduce spirituality to a … Continue reading

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The Buddha Boy is gone

Here’s a Nepalese blog with photos. [tags] Buddha boy [/tags]

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Wrestling the angel

In a New Yorker review of two books about happiness, John Lancaster argues persuasively that for ancient man, happiness was a matter of luck. Life was “nasty, brutish, and short,” and individuals had very little control over whether they achieved … Continue reading

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Spirituality & politics, oh my!

Leigh E. Schmidt, professor of religion at Princeton University, has an essay in The Wilson Quarterly based on his book “Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality.” He begins by cataloguing the criticisms against “spirituality,” which mostly take the form … Continue reading

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Can meditating change your brain?

In a Wired article titled Buddha on the Brain, John Geirland writes about some research that I’d read about before (in a Sharon Begley science column in the Wall Street Journal): In June 2002, [University of Wisconsin researcher Richard] Davidson’s … Continue reading

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A day for bucking up

I’m a firm believer that if you want something, your mindset is crucial. I also believe that people who succeed maintain a certain mindset despite appearances. Even when they seem to be failing, they maintain an inner certainty that they … Continue reading

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Believe it

In a post last December, the Argyleist (named as a featured blog on Technorati last night, which is how I happened to find this post — congrats, Argyleist!) raises the subject of faith: I’m not necessarily talking about faith in … Continue reading

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“Intuitive Eating”

My mom read a piece about this guy in her local paper and clipped it to show me when we gathered at my folks’ for Christmas. He’s discovered, lo and behold, that if he doesn’t beat himself up about what … Continue reading

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