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Easy to ridicule . . . yeah. I know.

For the past several days, I’ve been mulling an op-ed piece that ran in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal titled If I Don’t See It, It’s Not There. The piece is written by Steve Salerno, a former Men’s Health editor … Continue reading

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Whether or not you agree with Christian theology, you will probably admit that the 10 commandments did a pretty good job of proscribing behaviors that will otherwise disrupt the fabric of a community. E.g. adultery. You don’t have to believe … Continue reading

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So who is driving the bus? Really?

More evidence that our rational self isn’t really the self that’s in charge: as described in a piece by Robert Lee Hotz in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, research suggests that when we “decide” to do something, we’re not really deciding. … Continue reading

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Demon, Daemon, Daimon, Daimonion

I’ve been thinking more about Gallwey’s book and the implications of what he discovered about executing the golf swing. Gallwey observed that there are two different “modes” of being that affect a golf swing. One is judgmental, critical, verbal, analytical. … Continue reading

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Dueling faiths

That would be science v. religion >:-) Courtesy of Curtis Brainard and CJR Daily, we have this nice round-up of the media coverage of Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion: [U]nfavorable reviews of The God Delusion have branded Dawkins’ promotion … Continue reading

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This sort of love, that sort of love

A lot has been said about writing as an act of creation, so much so that we’ve probably become more jaded than we realize. Articulating experience via language is, after all, so simple a child can do it. And self-proclaimed … Continue reading

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Settling oneself

When I was younger, I let my emotions drive my choices (often to my eventual sorrow, sigh) and I suppose I still do to some extent but at least now I make an effort to engage my emotional responses as … Continue reading

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They were right about cleanliness!?!

No ideas but in things is more than a poet’s conceit. Case in point: according to this Scientific American article by David Biello, behavioral researchers Chen-Bo Zhong of the University of Toronto and Katie Liljenquist at Northwestern University are slowly … Continue reading

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Sigmund’s long goodbye

Right about the time I transferred to the state school where I’d earn my B.A. (SUNY Geneseo) the college mandated a two-semester Western Civ course of all of its students. (It realized it could no longer assume its freshmen had … Continue reading

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“Whatever she could lay her hands on”

I’m fascinated by the idea of transformation: the idea that a person might be born one thing, and then through intention, will, perhaps practice, become something else. If it happens at all, true transformation is exceedingly rare, although to appreciate … Continue reading

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