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They were right about cleanliness!?!

No ideas but in things is more than a poet’s conceit. Case in point: according to this Scientific American article by David Biello, behavioral researchers Chen-Bo Zhong of the University of Toronto and Katie Liljenquist at Northwestern University are slowly … Continue reading

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Sigmund’s long goodbye

Right about the time I transferred to the state school where I’d earn my B.A. (SUNY Geneseo) the college mandated a two-semester Western Civ course of all of its students. (It realized it could no longer assume its freshmen had … Continue reading

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Are dolphins dumb?

Wouldn’t it be funny if that were the case? Whoops! Dolphins: the Chauncey Gardiners of the animal kingdom!!! [tags] dolphins [/tags]

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Now, this should be required reading

For everyone who follows the news. Struck by Lightning by Jeffrey S. Rosenthal. According to reviewer David Messer, the book will help us “stop worrying about plane crashes, crime rates, opinion polls, disease and maybe even spam.” The sad fact … Continue reading

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The rats dunnit

Terry L. Hunt, anthropology professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, proposes a new explanation for the environmental degradation of Easter Island. What Hunt believes happened is that people brought rats with them, and the population of rats mushroomed … Continue reading

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The great divide

I haven’t been reading much nonfiction lately (although my dad has given a copy of Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan, which I’ll be looking at after work today, lol) but The Female Brain by Louann … Continue reading

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“A nearly round object with a near-Gaussian distribution of curvatures.”

Or as we usually say, a pebble. The article is about scientists trying to figure out why pebbles are pebble-shaped. Gets me all warm inside, thinking about pebble shape. How for all the irregularity of pebbles, there really is a … Continue reading

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From Renaissance Lit to Neuroscience

Here’s a review of of The Creating Brain by Nancy C. Andreasen. She was a Renaissance Lit professor who went on to study neuroscience. How’s that for a sweet jump? The book is about the neuroscience of creativity. The reviewer, … Continue reading

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When life gives you toxic waste . . .

Not recommended you make lemonade, but it turns out there might be some good that can come of it. Scientists are racing to identify the weird microorganisms growing in Berkeley Pit Lake in Butte, Montana, before it’s cleaned up. The … Continue reading

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Cuttlefish are colorblind????

Bizarre. They’re able to change their skin color to camouflage themselves. Yet apparently they can’t distinguish color. Click here to read about the research and see some cool pics of cuttlefish mimicking checkerboard patterns :-) [tags] cuttlefish [/tags]

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