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I disagree. Social media is a MUST for writers.

  Sabine Reed, in a guest post on published here, tackles a topic of perennial interest to writers: how much time should we spend on social media? It’s a good question and her answer is a thoughtful one, but I … Continue reading

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E-Voice. Some Thoughts on Social Media.

I’ve always felt that the line between social media and traditional media was an artificial one, but it occurs to me now that my perspective is shaped by my being, when it really comes down to it, a writer first. … Continue reading

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Best twitter tips evah

Scroll the comments for the tweetie goodness. It’s writers sharing tips, but they’re good for anyone who tweets.  

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I love this

“I ONCE HAD A GIRLFRIEND WHO QUIT JOURNALISM and went into P.R. because she said public-relations work was ‘more ethical.’” lol That’s an Instapundit lead-in to a link to this piece, about journalists cheating on an online poll. As a … Continue reading

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It’s about market efficiency

Via Instapundit, here’s an interesting blog post about the consequences of bad customer service. What strikes me is that the Internet has rendered the word-of-mouth marketing variable extremely efficient. Years ago there was a so-called rule of thumb that if … Continue reading

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Bookmark this on book promotion

Theresa Meyers, a writer who also does book promotion, has been interviewed by Kathleen Bolton on Writer Unboxed. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. I do PR for my day job, so as per “it takes one to … Continue reading

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This just in!!! The BBC’s brain has a funny accent!!!

Okay, I’m doing my part to stop this meme from corrupting any more innocent bloggers. Read this before you believe the story about cows having accents. It’s a PR ploy. Make that, a PR cow pie. Hear that sound around … Continue reading

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Sorry, but corporations can’t “blog”

Via Booksquare comes the news that Penguin has a blog. Here it is. Okay. Far be it from me to suggest this is an original thought, although it’s only now I’ve articulated it to myself — I know there’s a … Continue reading

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A press release by any other name

Steve Rubel reports that RSS advertising provider Pheedo has teamed up with PRWeb to display press releases as RSS feeds, and asks Does anyone see a boy who cried wolf scenario coming where all press releases, even ones that convey … Continue reading

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