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Monday morning cuteness :-)

Cuteness quotient almost off the scale on this one: two sea otters, floating on their backs and holding hands. Really. [tags] Youtube otters holding hands [/tags]

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Too nice to nap . . .

Too nice to play dead, either! Spring weather brings out the critters — my daughter spotted this fella “scurrying” across our yard and around to the back of the garage. He paused here, against a brick bbq chimney, long enough … Continue reading

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Just bee

Okay, here’s something to warm the ol’ cockles: Kirk Webster, a smalltime beekeeper, has used old-fashioned breeding techniques to develop bees resistent to varroa mite. If you’re old enough and pay attention to this sort of thing, you may have … Continue reading

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Okay, this was a mistake

The camera didn’t expose the image until several seconds after I hit the shutter button. But it did a better job of capturing the weather today (overcast, wind gusts strong enough to occasionly knock me slightly off balance) than any … Continue reading

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[tags] snow [/tags]

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Lions and . . . bears, oh my

Lookee here, a bear in downtown Norwich, New York, a few miles from where I grew up. I have to laugh at the photo, though. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the same bear . . . [tags] Chenango County, black … Continue reading

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If the cougars don’t get you

Then the jaguars will . . . New York Times article so registration required. Here’s the lede: Using the same clandestine routes as drug smugglers, male jaguars are crossing into the United States from Mexico. Four of the elusive cats … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it*

Here’s a worthwhile read by Kurt Anderson on the New York magazine website on the “frisson of smug or hysterical pleasure” that characterizes contemporary “apocalypse preoccupations” — including those that have leached into “less-fantastical” — i.e. secular/Western/post-Enlightenment — “thought and … Continue reading

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This just in!!! The BBC’s brain has a funny accent!!!

Okay, I’m doing my part to stop this meme from corrupting any more innocent bloggers. Read this before you believe the story about cows having accents. It’s a PR ploy. Make that, a PR cow pie. Hear that sound around … Continue reading

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Golfed with my parents this evening at a course they play often in Chenango County. There’s a doe with twin fawns that they see all the time around the second hole/third tee, and sure enough they were out tonight. I … Continue reading

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