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From ape to . . . theologist

At the London Times, John Carey reviews Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief, by Lewis Wolpert. Given the growing muscularity of both neuroscience and evolutionary biology, it’s no surprise that some would reduce spirituality to a … Continue reading

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Regarding Bodies

Many intellectuals turned their physical backs on Descartes during the 20th century — no, wait, they actually turned their mental backs on Descartes in the 20th century, but since they were all materialists, it amounted to the same thing ;-) … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity strikes again

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about research that suggests the brains of some Buddhist monks generate more gamma waves than the brains of ordinary folks. Science and Consciousness Review now has posted an interview with Dr. Sara Lazar. … Continue reading

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Advertising on your mind?

Marco Iacoboni, at the UCLA Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center, used brain imaging to figure out which Super Bowl ads fired up the areas of the brain concerned with “reward and empathy.” Iacoboni is the scientist who discovered “mirror neurons.” I … Continue reading

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Can meditating change your brain?

In a Wired article titled Buddha on the Brain, John Geirland writes about some research that I’d read about before (in a Sharon Begley science column in the Wall Street Journal): In June 2002, [University of Wisconsin researcher Richard] Davidson’s … Continue reading

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Why this “divide” matters

Prospect magazine has a piece online by Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad exploring the “divide” between western and eastern philosophy. A little over half-way in, Ram-Prasad touches on the political implications of western vs. eastern conceptions of the self: The east/west divide on … Continue reading

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Mind meld

A few days ago, I wrote about some research that suggests that men’s behavior can be affected by hormonal changes in a woman’s body. So, okay. Appropriating another person’s bio-active chemicals has an effect on one’s own biochemistry. But get … Continue reading

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