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“Your privacy is very important to us”

That just struck my funnybone. “Your privacy is very important to us. Now do tell us all about yourself.” LOL (Okay, okay, maybe you had to be there!)

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Whooo hoooo!

Hi, all — I’m having a fantastic time :-) Yesterday was Paris — the Louvre and Eiffel Tower — the only downside to the ET was that the lines were so long, it ate up several hours so we ended … Continue reading

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Off to London!

Back in a week. I’ll post pictures! :-)

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Yeah, London, England

That’s my destination, with a one-day side trip to France, during which time my English friend has admonished me: I’m to let him do all the talking, and forget wearing my cowboy boots or my I heart W tee shirt. … Continue reading

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Before I die . . .

Via AOL’s new & improved front page interface, I found this story today: four guys building a documentary around the concept of “what’s the one thing you want to do before you die.” They’ve invited people to contribute to a … Continue reading

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This is not a “fortune”

Has anyone else noticed that Chinese fortune cookies have become a huge disappointment over the past few years? They never have actual fortunes in them any more. I got this one last night: Education is not filling a bucket but … Continue reading

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What I did last weekend

I’m planning a trip in February, and since I’m having a housesitter stay at my place to watch my critters while I’m gone, I decided it was time to fix up the guest bedroom. Here’s what it looked like on … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!


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Infrastructure! Yeah, baby!

I started Christmas shopping last week. Within a day the UPS truck was finding my door. Then, this afternoon the floodgates opened: a pile of boxes on my doorstep. What could be more fun? I also noticed that instead of … Continue reading

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On the first day of Christmas . . .

An office discount supplier sent to me . . . Twelve pencil sharpeners sharpening???? I ordered one. Paid for one. Some warehouse picker sent a case instead. So now I have these eleven extra electric pencil sharpeners. I emailed the … Continue reading

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