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Five alt health trends predictions

I first became interested in alternative health in the early 1980s, and it’s since become so much a part of my life that I hardly give it any thought. At the same time, I’m actually quite conservative in my participation … Continue reading

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Seeing is believing

At some point in fifth grade, I noticed the blackboard in Mrs. Marshman’s math class was blurry. I mentioned it to my parents, and within a few weeks had been fitted with my first pair of glasses. I didn’t submit … Continue reading

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The body electric

I expected something different from Candace Pert’s latest book, Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d. For starters, the title’s a bit of a bait to the text’s switch. You aren’t going to find that promised Everything here. In … Continue reading

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Mainstream medicine . . . catching up

I hate to be the one who says “I told you so” but when the pointed commentary fits ;-) The news wires are carrying, today, this story about research showing a correlation between obesity and gut flora. They aren’t sure … Continue reading

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Just bee

Okay, here’s something to warm the ol’ cockles: Kirk Webster, a smalltime beekeeper, has used old-fashioned breeding techniques to develop bees resistent to varroa mite. If you’re old enough and pay attention to this sort of thing, you may have … Continue reading

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Long live bacteria

Here’s a tribute (by Lynn Margulis and Emily Case, in Orion) to the little critters. Some of the language of the piece is a bit much — you just can’t use “xenophobia” to characterize anyone’s attitude toward germs. LOL But … Continue reading

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Stress is . . . all in your head

Here’s a thought for a Monday morning: [A]ccording to Angela Patmore, author of The Truth About Stress, the ubiquitous term ‘stress’ is ‘bogus and illogical’ . . . Patmore started researching the concept of stress in the 1990s, while working … Continue reading

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How ya’ going to keep them down on the farm

Now that they’ve decided corporate agriculture is cleaner? I suppose this was inevitable. First, the incidence of infections from food-borne pathogens is decreasing. For example in the U.S., between 1996 and 2004, E. coli O157:H7 infections are down 42 per … Continue reading

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I’ll have some OJ with that

I’m a non-breakfast person. I’m not hungry when I wake up. I drink a single mug of coffee. A glass of orange juice. Then several hours later, I have something to eat. Turns out I’m on the cutting edge of … Continue reading

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Is dirt our friend?

In the Washington Post (registration required), Thomas Bartlett has an article on raw milk. A couple years ago, I participated in one of the cow-boarding programs mentioned here, using the milk mostly to ferment kefir. The potential dangers of drinking … Continue reading

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