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Those cute little dimples

Did you know that a ball with dimples will travel farther through the air than a ball with a smooth surface launched with the same amount of force? Me either. But here’s an article the explains the physics. And here … Continue reading

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Ah, to break 100 . . .

Okay, I’ve been golfing for about a month now (not counting when I played as a kid) and I came soooo close to a milestone tonight — on an easy course, of course — I played nine holes and shot … Continue reading

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Golfed with my parents this evening at a course they play often in Chenango County. There’s a doe with twin fawns that they see all the time around the second hole/third tee, and sure enough they were out tonight. I … Continue reading

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2 over par! 2 over par!

Of course, these were short short short par 3’s, but still, it’s marvelous to at least be close :-) On the longer holes, my scores were frightful — I’m just not hitting far enough, plus the more strokes it takes … Continue reading

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Okay, so I actually took my clubs out onto the course, yesterday . . .

And utterly humiliated myself. Nine holes, and I think I was on the fairway ONCE the entire time. Unless the tees count. Do the tees count as “being on the fairway”??? I had gotten to the point on the driving … Continue reading

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