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Demon, Daemon, Daimon, Daimonion

I’ve been thinking more about Gallwey’s book and the implications of what he discovered about executing the golf swing. Gallwey observed that there are two different “modes” of being that affect a golf swing. One is judgmental, critical, verbal, analytical. … Continue reading

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The inner game

(Crossposted at Golfolicious.) Last fall, around the time it got too cold to golf anymore, I was feeling pretty discouraged about the game. It seemed to me that after a year & a half of playing I should have been … Continue reading

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Seaside Golf

John Boyne, who caddies at the Old Course at St. Andrews, posted this on The Golf Space — which you should definitely check out if you’re a golfer ;-) I thought it was lovely, which shows you how far gone … Continue reading

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“Don’t blog if you’re boring”

That’s been my motto lately. Because I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty boring. At least on the outside, lol It’s not that I haven’t been busy. I’ve been reading a ton of books — all kinds of interesting books — … Continue reading

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I’ve applied for LPGA press credentials

heh heh So I can take pics when the tour hits Rochester later this month, and publish them on my Golfolicious blog. [tags] LPGA, Rochester, New York [/tags]

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Golfed yesterday!

I’m starting to post on my new golf-only blog, so slide on over there if you want to know more ;-) No. I didn’t post my score. LOL

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November schmovember

Yes, I know certain people live in warmer climes and will be golfing right through ’til next spring, but up here in the shadow of the arctic circle we sometimes have nice days this time of year, too. Yesterday was … Continue reading

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This one wasn’t

Why did I walk away from my clubs and ball, you ask? Because it was so windy today that the flags on all the greens were blown over. Once I got close enough to (theoretically) get onto the green on … Continue reading

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All golf all the time

Okay, after a couple of months of thinking this over, I’ve concluded this is an urge I can’t deny: I’m going to do a second, golf-themed blog. I’ll be putting it online in about a month. It’s going to have … Continue reading

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Golf (aka well, John, since you asked . . .)

Yeah, I’ve been playing some. Met my parents and played this course in Cortland, NY today as a matter of fact. I didn’t play particularly well, partly because it’s the first time I’d played this course but mostly because I … Continue reading

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