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I have (ahem) composted . . . my lawn

Well, part of my lawn. It turns out I didn’t order enough compost. Here it is scattered in its little piles. Next step: I had to rake it all to spread it — or more precisely, knock it off the … Continue reading

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In which Kirsten fires another salvo in the Iris wars

Isn’t this gorgeous? This one is called “Earthborn.” I planted a few of them to set off the yellow of “Harvest of Memories” and “Second Act.” It’s working pretty well although to really get the effect I want I’ll have … Continue reading

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40 million acres

That’s how much of America is lawn, according to Brian Black in CS Monitor. He’s reviewing “American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn,” by Ted Steinberg. Black admits he doesn’t care for lawns, and Steinberg, apparently, thinks they’re … Continue reading

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Iris for your smilin’ eyes

I planted these last year, so this is their first time blooming. I thought they were “Harvest of Memories” — that’s what I’d written in my notes when I was figuring out what varieties to buy and where to put … Continue reading

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Quite pink

The view from my bedroom window. When the sun hits it, the whole room takes on a pink hue.

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Here’s one of my favorite spring-flowering shrubs: Viburnum carlesi, Korean Spice Viburnum. I planted three along the side of my deck a couple of years ago, and every spring since, I’ve been glad I did. Their flowers are wonderfully fragrant … Continue reading

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April Flowers

I have several perennial beds on my property, one of which is in the front yard. A big challenge, with this garden, is the timing of the plants’ blooming. I have a lot of flowers (crysanthemum, perennial sunflower, and aster … Continue reading

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Look, ma, no dandylions

Actually there are a handful — you may be able to make them out toward the top of the photo. But. There are far fewer than there were last year, which is a reason to celebrate, because this marks the … Continue reading

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